Alison and Mark’s wedding at St. Mary’s Church Dryslwyn and the Plough Hotel, Rhosmaen.

Alison and Mark’s wedding at St. Mary’s Church Dryslwyn and the Plough Hotel, Rhosmaen.


The day started very humid and with the threat of thunderstorms and torrential rain all day, it must have been a divine intervention just for Alison and Mark as not a drop of rain, flash or babg interrupted the proceedings all day and it turned out to be a beautifully pleasant day to marry on.

 I meet up with bride Alison at sister Jess’s house in Nantgaredeg where the bridal preparations were well under way. Three bridesmaids, two flower girls,  mum Heulwen and brother Simon who would be giving Alison away were all there, and I must say so totally calm. A few miles away at St. Mary’s Church, in Court Henry Mark was arriving with his three ushers, buddy and best man Dafydd and pageboy and son Oliver, and didn’t they all look great walking up the steep incline towards the church. A few minutes later when Mum, Bridesmaids and Alison arrived they were greeted at the Church door by friend and vicar Roger who then led them down the isle for the formal marriage vows. Ceremony over and to the delight of all family and friends Alison and Mark then left St. Mary’s as Mr and Mrs Sheehan. The beautiful grounds of Aberglasney was our next stop for a few close family groups and together photographs and where Alison and Mark could take a few minuets out and relax before beginning the celebrations and speeches at the Plough Hotel in Rhosmaen. I must say it was a delight for both Mike and myself to be part of their special day and we wish you both all the very best for the future, and here’s a quick sneak preview of a few of my favourite images from the day.

lison and mark's wedding at st. mary's church dryslwyn aberglasney and the plough hotel rhosmaen the-plough-hotel-llandeilo-wedding-of-alison-and-mark-002 the-plough-hotel-llandeilo-wedding-of-alison-and-mark-003 the-plough-hotel-llandeilo-wedding-of-alison-and-mark-004 the-plough-hotel-llandeilo-wedding-of-alison-and-mark-005 the-plough-hotel-llandeilo-wedding-of-alison-and-mark-006 the-plough-hotel-llandeilo-wedding-of-alison-and-mark-007 the-plough-hotel-llandeilo-wedding-of-alison-and-mark-008 the-plough-hotel-llandeilo-wedding-of-alison-and-mark-009 the-plough-hotel-llandeilo-wedding-of-alison-and-mark-010 the-plough-hotel-llandeilo-wedding-of-alison-and-mark-011 the-plough-hotel-llandeilo-wedding-of-alison-and-mark-012 the-plough-hotel-llandeilo-wedding-of-alison-and-mark-013 the-plough-hotel-llandeilo-wedding-of-alison-and-mark-014 the-plough-hotel-llandeilo-wedding-of-alison-and-mark-015 the-plough-hotel-llandeilo-wedding-of-alison-and-mark-016 the-plough-hotel-llandeilo-wedding-of-alison-and-mark-017 the-plough-hotel-llandeilo-wedding-of-alison-and-mark-018 the-plough-hotel-llandeilo-wedding-of-alison-and-mark-019 the-plough-hotel-llandeilo-wedding-of-alison-and-mark-020 the-plough-hotel-llandeilo-wedding-of-alison-and-mark-021 the-plough-hotel-llandeilo-wedding-of-alison-and-mark-022 the-plough-hotel-llandeilo-wedding-of-alison-and-mark-023 the-plough-hotel-llandeilo-wedding-of-alison-and-mark-024 the-plough-hotel-llandeilo-wedding-of-alison-and-mark-025 the-plough-hotel-llandeilo-wedding-of-alison-and-mark-026 the-plough-hotel-llandeilo-wedding-of-alison-and-mark-027 the-plough-hotel-llandeilo-wedding-of-alison-and-mark-028 the-plough-hotel-llandeilo-wedding-of-alison-and-mark-029




~ by Collin & Lucy High Society Photography on July 23, 2014.

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